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    Fly Fishing Information Center: Fly Tying Patterns

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     Muddler Minnow - Recipe for Fly Tying Success

    Fly Tying Patterns  jerrykunnath writes "Recipe For Fly Tying Success
    [previously published in the Michigan Outdoor News]
    By Jerry Kunnath

    Back in 1996, two avid fly fishers, Ann Miller and Dorothy Schramm, talked about the scarcity of women in the sport of fly-fishing. They both wanted to meet more women who shared their passion for wetting lines and drowning flies, nymphs, and streamers. As long as they had been fishing, they had never heard of a club or organization in Michigan that catered to women in this sport. Well these two women decided to do something about it. They were the driving force behind the formation of Flygirls of Michigan; Inc. Flygirls is a 100% Federation of Fly Fishers organization. As it states in the Flygirls web site, ?We feel it is important to make a commitment to the resource by supporting and becoming a member of the FFF.? Therefore, they made it a requirement that all members of the Flygirls also belong to the FFF, a national fly-fishing conservation organization.

    Read More... | 6818 bytes more | Score: 4

     Baby Streamer - A Penich Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns  Looking for an nice streamer pattern for Great Lakes Steelhead? Try using Joe's baby streamer.
    Read More... | 846 bytes more | Score: 4.37

     Glow Bug Egg Pattern Instructional Video

    Fly Tying Patterns  Egg patterns are a mainstay here in the Great Lakes. Learn to tie this easy pattern by watching this short online video.
    Read More... | 1121 bytes more | Score: 4.82

     Yarn Body Hex Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns  Need a high floating hex pattern for midnight madness here in Michigan? Try this yarn body hex from Ray Schmidt and Schmidt Outfitters.
    Read More... | 1159 bytes more | Score: 4.11

     Red Fox Squirrel Nymph - Dave Whitlock

    Fly Tying Patterns  Dave Whitlock created this pattern called the red fox squirrel nymph some years ago. It is an awesome pattern for both cold and warm water species.
    Read More... | 4335 bytes more | Score: 3.96

     Pheasant Tail Nymph for Steelhead

    Fly Tying Patterns  Jeff Selser shares his pheasant tail nymph pattern called the P.T. Cruiser in this article with the pattern and instructions.

    Read More... | 7177 bytes more | Score: 4.52

     Bass Bugs and Other Critters - Smallmouth Bass Beware

    Fly Tying Patterns  

    The flies that we will feature in this article are some of the most productive that you can use in fly fishing for bass, smallmouth or largemouth. Like many flies that we use in fly fishing, they imitate natural foods preyed upon by lunker bass on the prowl for a quick and easy meal of hearty protein. When fished properly, they are sure to lure a vicious strike from lurking bass, often being taken clean out of the water by a marauding, hungry bucket mouth or an acrobatic, feisty smallie. You might even tempt a strike from a toothy pike.

    Read More... | 6516 bytes more | Score: 3.85

     Trout Flies: Hendrickson - Reversed Hackle Burnt Wing

    Fly Tying Patterns  Hendrickson - Reversed Hackle Burnt Wing was developed by well known Michigan  tier and fly fishermen,  Chauncy Lively. Chauncy  had lived on the banks of the North Branch of the Au Sable River for almost 40 years and had developed many unique patterns which can be found in a book justly named Chauncy Lively's FlyBox, by Stackpole Books.  He was a longtime FFF member, TU member,  and Anglers of the Au Sable board member as well. He is very fondly remembered by many older Au Sable anglers and was  an important caretaker of this wonderful resource.
    Read More... | 4869 bytes more | Trout Flies | Score: 4.87

     Trout Flies: Hendrickson Nymph

    Fly Tying Patterns  Hendrickson nymph's are one of the most abundant nymphs found in our Michigan streams. A study was performed by a entomologist who once surveyed a section on the North Branch of the Au Sable River,  in Michigan and he found in a one square foot of river bottom over 1000 of these nymphs! They can be fished all year round and as spring nears the steams swell with snow melt and rain so weighting them may be helpful, they are also a great searching pattern.
    Read More... | 1768 bytes more | Trout Flies | Score: 4.4

     Trout Flies: Hendrickson Transitional Nymph (Emerger)

    Fly Tying Patterns  

     The Hedrickson Transitional CDC  Nymph is an excellent trout pattern to use for the ephemerella subvaria  emergence (Hendrickson) here in Michigan. The use of CDC in mayfly patterns like this one, was originated by Rene Harrop. Rene is the proprietor of the House of Harrop which can be found on the Henry's Fork in Island Park, Idaho. While this pattern originated in the west, it can generate excellent results here in Michigan or anywhere Hendrickson hatches occur.

    Read More... | 4891 bytes more | Trout Flies | Score: 4.63

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