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    Books: Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout

    Fly Fishing Books

    Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout: New Techniques, Tactics, and Patterns

    Jerry Dennis, author of "The River Home"
    "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout" is fresh, clear, revolutionary, and probably a little dangerous. It will change the way you think.

    Book Description
    This first modern, all-encompassing manual on the art of streamer fishing teaches new techniques for catching trophy-sized trout on a fly. Streamers are the most effective of all fly patterns for the seduction of large trout, because they imitate the look and behavior of the smaller fish these trophies feed on. Sooner or later, every angler seeking the thrill of landing a trout over 20 inches--a dream fish for most--will need to understand the particular art of streamer fishing. This is the first book written about streamers in over 50 years. Despite streamer fishing's perennial popularity, it has been eclipsed in recent years by the sport's long love affair with dry flies. Revealed here in this indispensable, knowledgeable book are dozens of new streamer patterns and many proven advanced techniques for hooking huge trout, making it a must-buy for the dedicated fly-fisherman at any level of experience. Included in this guide:
    * New information on the feeding behavior of large trout and what it means for the angler
    * Detailed, illustrated casting and fishing techniques for a variety of conditions
    * Advice on netting and releasing trout safely, as well as photographing them
    * Color photographs of new and classic patterns, with complete tying recipes
    * Includes dozens of how-to illustrations

    About the Author
    Bob Linsenman is the author of Great Lakes Steelhead, Michigan Trout Streams, and The Ausable River. He's been a dedicated fly-fisherman and guide for most of his life. He lives in Rose City, Michigan. Kelly Galloup owns The Troutsman, a fly-fishing shop and guide service, in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. He is a pioneer in developing flies and techniques for streamer fishing, a sport he has pursued for 25 years. Both authors have written articles for Fly Fisherman, The Fly Fisher, American Angler, Wild Steelhead and Salmon, and other publications.

    Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout: New Techniques, Tactics, and Patterns

    by: Bob Linsenman, Kelly Galloup, Jerry Dennis

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    Sales Rank: 76,211; Release Date: November, 1999; Media: Hardcover

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  • Customer Reviews Average Rating:
    Rating: - Modern Streamers
    Very insightful work from Bob and Kelly. I really enjoy this type of instructional book that keeps my attention and doesn't take me a month to "wade" through. The first 4 chapters were very informative as to the history of streamers, large trout behavior and technique. If any part of this book failed me it would have been the chapter on Patterns. More attention could have been spent on technique and tying tips here. A comment that Bob made rubbed me the wrong way when he categorized many fly tyers as "loose handed, casual tyers" when he said that this type of person rarely creates lasting fly patterns. This type of attitude runs rampant enough in the local fly shops without being critical of the majority of tyers out there. After all, it's the "loose handed" tyer that purchase these types of books and make the tying industry what it is.

    Rating: - Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout
    Nothing new here: muddler type flies catch fish as do traditional hair and feather wing streamers. Put a mallard wing on a Muddler and call it a 'Zoo Cougar'.The patterns section is dissapointing. Bow Buggers,Cone Head Marabous, and a few crawfish patterns are about all that is here. The technique section is OK, but misses out on the truly new streamer methods being used in the West. Probably applies to the authors home waters in the east better than the Rockies. If you fish streamers a bit you should already know 90% of what is in this book.

    Rating: - Unique and Insightful
    Linseman and Galloup have created that rarest of flyfishing books, one that actually provides insights and information that are hard to find anywhere else.

    Streamer fishing is much neglected, and most authors, if they cover it at all, provide a dusultory chapter or so. L&G explain the techniques of streamer fishing comprehensively, yet succinctly. The up-and-across, dredge, and swing techniques of streamer fishing are each analyzed and explained. The descriptions are clear, actionable, and you'll come away with a pretty clear understanding of what you'll need to do on the water.

    The discussion of techniques for LANDING a large fish is worth the price of the book, and can be applied to any form of fishing. The brief description of tackle (really a tackle SYSTEM: Rod, Reel, Line, Leader)is also extremely useful.

    Streamers should be part of every fly fisher's repertoire, even if you don't buy into the authors' contention that it should be the primary method. All in all, the best intro to the subject I've seen.

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    Posted on Wednesday, January 22 @ 21:39:03 UTC by admin

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