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    Use Streamers when the hatch is off for big trout!

    Guides Corner release writes "Well, this years opener has come and gone again. The annual homage to the north is over and trout season is again underway. Reports from anglers that fished the opener were disapointed in the lack of hatches or the trout were not geared at feeding on them. When in doubt fish those streamers...

    Dave Rapier took this nice 24" Au Sable Brown below Mio on the Au Sable
    River last week.

    Many anglers are starting to realize that with or without a hatch fishing a streamer can productive on  the large trout. You will also see a number of other fish attempt to feed your streamer as well. Kelly Gallup and Bob Linsenman have helped make this method popular with the book " Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout"  this book is both easy to read and give you an in depth look at fishing Michigan rivers with streamers. This is a book that I highly reccomend everyone own. Even if it's only for the fly patterns identified inside.

    The streamers aren't your traditional patterns like the Black Nose Dace or the Micky Finn. They are throwing bigger more gaudy streamers. Sometimes in the seven to eight inch size! You can even throw a tandem streamer set up with two streamers. That gives a an even larger profile for a trout to look at, and they will take advantage of the double streamer because it makes a larger and perhaps ann easier target.

    Bring the right gear! The typical five weight won't do the trick with these streamers. You really need a seven or eight weight fast action rod with a long sink tip (24ft) or a full sinking line. Casting accuracy is another important issue while streamer fishing with a fly. To just lob that streamer in to the darkest hole really is not the way to go! Most of those large Trout are large becase they are smart as well. They will hang out in the likely spots but if you don't present the fly well that fish will not even give your fly a second look.

    Between the book and all the right gear you should be able to make those slow days when the hatches aren't happening or even when they are, more productive.

    And this 20" on the same day out with Chuck Hawkins

    If you are interested in fishing with Bob Linsenman to learn the art of streamer fishing call us or send us an e-mail at .  Bob has prime dates available for streamers fishing as well as during some of the best hatches of the season.

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    Bob Linsenmen Books at

    Trout Streams of Michigan: A Fly-Angler's Guide (Second Edition)
    by: Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala, Ernest Schwiebert
    May, 2001

    Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout: New Techniques, Tactics, and Patterns
    by: Bob Linsenman, Kelly Galloup, Jerry Dennis
    November, 1999

    Michigan Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
    by: Bob Linsenman
    19 March, 2002

    River Journal: Au Sable (Michigan
    by: Bob Linsenman
    October, 1998

    Michigan Trout Streams: A Fly-Angler's Guide
    by: Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala, Ernest Schweibert
    November, 1993



    Posted on Tuesday, May 06 @ 07:02:34 UTC by admin

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