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    When The Saugeen River in Ontario is Blown Out

    Fish Stories release writes "The trip started out with all conditions being right. The sky suddenly turned that winter cold black with broken clouds, then without a change the skies opened up with rain. These pockets of rain continued for the rest of our ride and continued through out the night with some down pours lasting for an hour or more.

    The next morning we met our guides Rob and Mark from Grind Stone Angling (two of John Valk?s guys); after the introductions they informed us the Sagueen didn?t look good. The water was very high and like mud, they suggested that we move up a little further to the Sauble River.

    The weather was 34 to 42 degrees over cast with on and off rain and the wind blowing off the lake and gusting. The water was coffee colored and high with ok visibility. The fish were there as we watched someone land a nice piece of steel as we were deciding who was going with whom.

    It?s closing in on lunch and no one has had a fish. Conditions were tough and the fishing was tougher. John hooks one on, the battle was on until the rapids in he went and never looked back.

    Now it was my turn, as I swung a Bunny Spey through the run a small female King decided it was what she wanted. After a short battle she was landed with a successful release. The remainder of the day continued to be tough and at the conculsion both John and I had a couple additional hook ups with no success landing them. The other two member of our group were skunked.

    Day Two, John Valk arrived informing us that the conditions on the Sagueen had not improved and he was going to take us too the Big Head River a tributary of Georgian Bay. The weather had improved with broken clouds and 45 to 50 degrees and no wind.

    After a 40-minute drive we arrived at the Big Head, as we were getting dressed John suggested that we use the 8 wt?s, as there can be ?Monster Salomon in this river?. By the end of the day I would realize that this wise decision.

    The morning concluded with no action a few fish spotted including one reasonably size King. After a great lunch prepared by John Valk we moved to a different section of the river about a ? mile from the lake. Here again we spotted a few fish but still no action not even a hook up. This all changed very quickly when I changed flies to an over sized # 4 Purple Wooly Bugger that I called the ? C-C Bugger?. John had notice a fish that had just come up through the rapids and was sitting in a pool on the far side. We could see the fish only by the movement of its tail.

    After the first two drifts nothing, the third drift was just closing on the fish when the water exploded with the King grabbing the fly with attitude. As the fish started it?s initial run we got our first look at her when she leaped a rock the protruding from the water. I had hooked a monster, after three up and down stream runs of 300 yards or longer John netted/tackled a 35 lb King fresh from the lake. A few quick pictures and she was off.

    For me this was a fish of a lifetime the biggest fish I had ever caught I was so excited that when I tried to fish I couldn?t make it work. So after 15 minutes or so of trying I sat on a rock to gather myself and check my gear.

    I settled down and was about to go back at it when John Vincent and I saw another fish race part way up the rapids and stop in a seam in the middle. Both John and I had a clear look at this fish, which looked to be good size. After a brief banter of trying to get John to take a run at this fish he concluded it by holding up his rod. He had just broken off a snag and had not retied. So he convinced me to give it a shot while he rigged. Second pass was all he need ? Bang!? We are off to the races again with another King, as I took off up stream John Vincent stashed his rod and chased after me. John Valk headed down stream from where he was working with another member of our group. After several up and down runs. We landed a nice fresh 20 lb Male. Congratulations and pictures and off he went. Two for two not bad in these tough conditions, as it turned out this was all the action we would see all day.

    In the end we all had a good time, although the conditions were tough we found fish. In addition we learned and improved our techniques working with John Vincent, John Valk, Rob, and Mark. As well as established relationships that will out last the stories but never the memories.

    That?s Fishing

    Brian Henderson

    Click here for Grindstone Angling - Ontario's Fly Fishing Outfitter"

    Posted on Wednesday, January 14 @ 19:11:18 UTC by admin

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