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    Yarn Body Hex Pattern

    Fly Tying Patterns Need a high floating hex pattern for midnight madness here in Michigan? Try this yarn body hex from Ray Schmidt and Schmidt Outfitters.

    Yarn Body Hex Pattern

    The Recipie
    • Hook: Tiemco 5263, size 4 and 6
    • Thread: 3/0 waxed mono cord, yellow
    • Tail: Moose Mane (8-10 hairs)
    • Underbody: Yellow Antron
    • Overbody: Natural (dark) deer body hair
    • Wing: X-Select Imitation Polar Bear fur, white (Hareline Dubbing) with glow Flashabou
    • Hackle: Medium ginger (dry fly quality)
    Yarn Body Hex Instructions:

    Dress hook with thread; tie in Moose Mane hair at hook bend. Tie in yellow Antron yarn and wrap forward 2/3 hook shank. Tie in stacked natural natural deer body at yarn. Tie off point and wrap thread over deer body hair, palmering back toward hook bend. At the hook bend flare hair with a couple wraps and wind forward in crossing X pattern to tie in point. Tie in Polar Bear and Flashabou wing material appropriate for spent wings. (Should be about the length of the fly body.) Tie in hackle behind wings and wrap forward to eye. Tie off and whip finish.

    Posted on Tuesday, June 01 @ 07:57:32 UTC by admin

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