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    Simms Dry Creek Tech Pack - Keep your stuff dry -

    Gear Reviews Simms Fishing Products introduced a new line of waterproof bags in 2005. A new backpack , a stuff bag, a camera bag, a lumbar pack and a chest pack. All of these are designed for a dunking. They introduced this nifty new bag called the Dry Creek Tech Pack. How many times have things that can't get wet been dunked in the river or lake while you have been out fishing?

    Simms new dry creek tech pack solves that problem at a very affordable price.

    I have had to replace more than a couple of fishing licenses, a couple of phones, and had to make do with a soaking wet wallet once or twice. Zip lok bags were tried after my first loss of a phone. Cheap but not real effective. Once I even had a phone slide out of the semi protective confines of a zip lock only to watch it kerplunk into the stream below me. Now I know many of you leave your phones at home or in the car to avoid the same fate. I carry mine with because I am on call many times I venture out to fish and can't really be out of touch to often. Plus it makes for a perfect tool in an emergency. Only if it stays dry and secure.

    Below you can see my wallet and my phone easily fit into the Dry Creek Tech Pack. Nice and secure. No more lost equipment that I did not think I needed to insure or wet and unreadable fishing licenses when it's time to present it to the DNR officer.


    The secret of this bag is the dry bag concept. A tight folding top with a velcro tab, plus a pressure zip closure keep everything nice and dry you care to carry in it. The attached neck strap has a sliding adjuster and the length of the strap means it can be easily tucked just inside your waders up front to keep it secure and out of the way. Someone was thinking when they put this together. Well made construction and materials mean this should last you a long time.

    All the guys at Flymart are packing this great little waterproof bag around their necks and we think this is an awesome addition to the Simms lineup of quality fly fishing gear. For safety reasons I would insure that this is not loosely worn on the outside of your vest , jacket or shirt. Things that can catch on branches will. This product is available at your local Simms Dealer around the US. So it should be easy to find. Flymart has them in stock.

    Suggested Retail on this great Simms product is just $12.95. Better hurry and get yours as they go pretty fast! Way to go Simms.

    -- Jeff / Site Admin
    Fly Fishing Info Center


    Posted on Saturday, April 16 @ 11:22:33 UTC by admin

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