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    Simms G3 Waders Review

    Gear Reviews

    The Simms G3 Waders are being updated for 2008. As of Sept 2007, the current model has been replaced/updated. It appears that the material has changed and there is a $50 price drop.

    We won't have all the details until the Fly Fishing Tackle Show in Denver this year. As soon as we get the lowdown on these we will update the content here.

    Update on the Simms G3 Guide Waders - Sept 2007. The model name is staying the same. Simms has redesigned the product and is using the new GORE Pro Shell fabric. You can read more about the changes at They posted an article called Simms G3 Waders - Product Updated and Price Drop for 2008

    Original article follows (2002 model G3 waders)

    Well the Simms Gore-Tex Guide Weight waders have long been known as the best breathable waders on the market. I can vouch for this personally as I have been a huge fan of Simms gear based on the technology and quality that goes into their products and the performance they deliver for me. Enter the 2002 Simms G3 Waders.

    As with all successful products, vendors scramble to knock the dominant player off the top of the heap. New technology and feedback from pro's and customers improves product designs. So it was only inevitable that some one would introduce a new wader, that would just plain raise the bar in design, technology, performance and comfort. Well the wait is over.

    Instead of sitting back on their laurels. Simms asked dealers and guides, who live in their waders, how they could improve on the Guide Weight Model. It's hard to improve on the best.

    After three years of development, including extensive fabric development, lab analysis, field testing and years of work with their partner, WL Gore and Associates, Inc., Simms introduced the new Generation 3 Guide Waders.

    These waders feature quite a few improvements in areas you would least have expected. Like the material. The existing Guide Weight Model, now being renamed to the Classic Guide Model, surpassed most peoples expectations of breath-ability. Independent tests showed this wader out performing all other brands in immersion tests. The testers simply stopped at 544 hours with the Simms. Other brands started failing after 2 hours on up to less than 100 hours to failure. Now I don't plan on wading for 500 + hours at one time but I do have a tendency to fish for a couple of days on some outings with other hard core friends. So I can vouch for the fact that the Guide Weight's performed under every condition I could throw at them. Spring, summer, fall and winter as well. These new G3's are 20% more breathable according to Simms and that means even more comfort in a variety of conditions. Breath-ability is what really makes the difference here. No other waders come close to Simms in all day comfort. I only wish that I had this breathable waterproof technology when I was in the Army. Back then, my barracks were on my back and my house was wherever we stopped marching.

    Abrasion resistance, or the ability to resist punctures and tears as also been improved with the new G3's. Along with the enhancement in Breath-ability, the actual material is 20% more resistant to punctures and abrasions. Now I have had many tiny punctures in my Guide Weights in areas that did not have 5-layer protection. Like the buttocks area. It was very easy to fix these without sending the waders back for repair, simply following Simms recommendations. Mine have had 3 hard years of wear and they are going strong but this has always been a weakness for I spend most of my time on foot and not in a boat, where sliding on my butt down river bank edges occurs often. Simms addressed this issue too by extending the new 5-layer fabric to completely wrap around the legs and cover the buttock area as well. The 3-layer fabric has also been redesigned and is used everywhere else. Way to go Simms!

    Simms as also cut these new G3's to provide a better overall fit and articulation in the knee area. I can't verify that yet as I am looking forward to a new pair myself. Simms did not stop there either. They have added built in gravel guards to the new G3's which will save me time suiting up at the truck since I always misplace my gravel guards and it is a pain to put them on anyway when you are suiting up.

    For those of use who fish in extreme conditions, like late fall, winter, and spring Steelheading here in the Great Lakes region, Simms has added a front quick drying hand-warmer pocket. Another comfort item is the addition of a wading belt loop in the back to help position your wading belt and to keep it from riding up and down as you move around. This is real nice for the boat angler since there is a lot of standing and sitting going on. Included with your purchase is a simple nylon wading belt. I prefer a more supportive wading belt that offers that extra support when I punish my body on a 20 hour fish-a-thon.

    Another convenience that I will appreciate is the new Flip-out Tippet Tender pocket. This is the pocket located at the top front of the waders that can stay inside or flip out for access to the contents. I usually wear mine with the pocket in the flipped out position and always seem to put more and more stuff in there as it is easier to access the pocket for tippets and such because of the lower position, versus raising my hands to my vest pockets if I am wearing one. The new pocket includes tippet pockets, a built in Retractor and a zippered cargo pocket. This is a real nice touch and minimalists will love it.

    These new features make the Simms Generation 3 Guide Waders the premier waders on the market today. As always, better products command a higher initial investment because of the higher manufacturing cost to make them. These new Simms G3 waders will retail starting at $425.00 and up to $475.00 for the super large sizes. These new waders come in a sterling color versus the sage green color available in the older Guide Weight model. TI said the word investment, because that is how I look at my gear. If I calculate my investment into my existing Simms Guide Weight waders, where the initial outlay was $375. This is what I come up with. I fished with them about 200 days in the last 3 years. My investment works out to about $1.87 per day. I spend about 35 dollars to drive up to and back from my favorite spots, every trip. For this small investment in gear, I get to enjoy all day comfort while wading the lakes and streams of my dreams. I think that is a deal. My waders have a lot of life left in them so my investment just keeps getting better by the outing. If you only fish a couple of times a year, then these waders might be out of your price range. Simms does offer a new Freestone stocking-foot model that retails for $149.00 that may better suit your needs as an occasional wader wearer.

    The other day I heard and angler on the river complain because his waders were leaking all over the place. These were some other brand from a big mail order house. He said "oh well, they usually leak every season" and he said he "spent 150 bucks". When I asked him about it, he said "I just keep sending them back to them and they just send me another pair for free, It's a great warranty!" Sounds like a good deal right? Well the water was cold and he needed to leave the stream to go dry out. About an hour after he left the fishing just turned on and I was into fish for the next hour. Things slowed down and about 2 hours later he arrived back at the stream. He asked how was it going. I told him the truth, you should have been here. Inferior products have a knack for letting you down at precisely the wrong time. I personally will not settle for inferior equipment at any cost. I am not willing to risk the failure of poorly designed equipment "with a great warranty" during my precious time on the water. The days of being forced to, are over for me. You should not have to settle for less either. Make a smart investment in your comfort and stream side well being.

    Order a pair from your favorite Simms Dealer today.

    Simms can be reached on the web at They are located in Bozeman, Montana. These waders are made in the USA. Each wader is individually tested to insure 100 percent waterproofness after manufacturing.

    Posted on Saturday, September 28 @ 17:56:59 UTC by admin

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