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    Fly Fishing Information Center: Fly Fishing Tips

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     Proper Stream Etiquette - a Few Suggestions

    Fly Fishing Tips  jerrykunnath writes "

    In today's day and age the population is growing more each year in Michigan and the number of people becoming interested in outdoor activities is increasing. This can cause some over crowding and create less solitude on certain Michigan waters then many of us were accustomed to in years past.

    Many years ago the practice of stream etiquette was implemented to create a much more friendly and enjoyable fishing environment in areas where other fishermen were present. Although with the increasing number of people on our waters the need for stream etiquette is more important than ever before, but it seems to be getting practiced less and less. This is contributing to a deterioration of the quality and enjoyment that can be experienced while fishing Michigan.

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     Fly fishing for Coho

    Fly Fishing Tips  Ra40 writes "Searching for Coho on the fly.

    The Fraser Valley is truly one of British Columbia's jewels when it comes to fly-fishing for Salmon. The Harrison River is a fly fishers dream, located only 2 hours east of Vancouver, BC.
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     Urban Streams

    Fly Fishing Tips  TonyCarpBoy writes "City Streams and The Urban Sportsman
    I have been a city boy for all of my adult life. I grew up fishing but gave it up in college because I could never get up to the northern Minnesota lakes that I grew up with. Much of the problem was that I assumed that there was nothing worth fishing for in the city.
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     Intro to rod building

    Fly Fishing Tips  moosh writes "

    Unless you are a hard-core cold weather angler, you?ve probably put away your fishing gear, pulled out the fly tying tools and started to re-stock your fly boxes. As you sit and tie, you drift back to the time when that same fly pattern in your vice was used to beckon a nice rainbow from its log sanctuary and trick him to rise for the take. The ensuing fight will live in your memory forever, the rod bent over, you manipulating it from side to side steering the fish away from obstacles, bowing to him when he jumped and finally, bringing it to the net then releasing him to fight another day. All that action from just one little fly that you tied. Now lets take it one step further, just think how satisfying it would have been if you caught that fish not only on the fly that you tied, but with your own personally hand crafted fly rod as well.

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     Basic Entomology

    Fly Fishing Tips  Basic Entomology - Why Study Bugs?Aquatic insects and similar organisms have a long taxonomic history.  Ever since the first fly rod was cast, fishermen have sought to understand the cuisine of their quarry.  Stream ecologists may occasionally wet a line too, but they seek to understand the organisms for other reasons.  Invertebrate populations act as indicator organisms for the ecosystem.  How so?
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     Lefty Kreh on Fly Fishing Leaders

    Fly Fishing Tips  

    By Lefty Kreh - 3M Scientific Anglers

    Consider the importance of leaders in the sport of fly fishing. Even in the earliest days, fishermen knew that they couldn?t just attach a fly directly to the line and catch fish. Since then, we?ve learned through trial and error the importance of the proper selection of the leader to match the fly, fishing conditions and the species sought.

    In order to better understand leaders and their importance to fly fishing, let?s begin with this "primer" ? a short history and discussion on the evolution and selection of leaders.

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     Warm Feet Are Neat - What To Wear

    Fly Fishing Tips  JerryKunnath writes "Well frigid fishing conditions are now present all over the Great Lakes area, and fair weather fishers are now seeking the comfort of their pajamas and the glow from their fireplaces. With the proper insulating foundations under your waders, you can almost gaurantee that you will be able to take to the rivers and streams and take advantage of new runs of fresh steelies, late season coho's and an absence of fishing competition from the 'fireplace' fishermen.  "
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     Double Taper Versus Weight Forward: Which is Really Better?

    Fly Fishing Tips  By Bruce Richards, fly line product engineer for 3M Scientific Anglers.

    Few fly line subjects have been discussed more than which is the better taper ? double taper (DT) or weight forward (WF). The answer, according to Richards, "is neither is inherently better, but one may be better than the other for you.

    Richards has designed fly line tapers for Scientific Anglers for more than 20 years. There are not many in the fly fishing industry that possess Richard's knowledge on fly lines ? and he shares the following on the DT vs. WF question.

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     How To Choose the Right Fly Line Weight

    Fly Fishing Tips  by Lefty Kreh

    Let me begin by saying that rod manufacturers design rods for the average person to use under average conditions. So unfortunately, most fly fishermen use only one weight of line on their favorite rod.

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