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    Fly Fishing Information Center: Fly Fishing News

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     Fly Fishing's History - How did it start?

    Fly Fishing News  I recently came across an excellent site on the web that I want to share with you. Dr. Herd, the author, shares some careful and diligent research into the subject of fly fishing's history.

    The site contains reprints of works from long ago demonstrating the rich history of our sporting tradition as well as the results of the Author's research into the subject.

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     A 'Good' Fisherman

    Fly Fishing News  Jerrykunnath writes "Recipe for Fly Tying Success
    By Jerry Kunnath
    [originally published in Michigan Outdoor News]

    A ?Good? Fisherman
    I spent some time the other day fly fishing Lake St. Clair with my two friends, John Vincent and Judson Street. At the end of the day, after we returned to the Harley Ensign MDNR access site on the Clinton River, we sat near the trailered boat for a spell and just talked about our day. We discussed the pleasure of each other?s company, fish lost, fish landed, and the monsters we never quite saw. The conversation evolved to talking about some of the more pleasant esthetics of fly fishing. The way the surging current of a stream massages your legs on a calm summer eve. The musical sound the song birds make as their notes mingle with the riffle sound of the river. The relaxing time we spent fishing for bass on that wonderful lake. Pretty much the usual meanderings of most of us outdoors people. Judson stopped and thought for a second, and then thoughtfully asked, ?Just what makes a good fisherman? What qualities or skills does one have to own or practice to be considered a ?good? fisherman?? The conversation went quiet for a few seconds as all three of us thought over his question, searching for the one correct answer. Lacking a sound, concise reply, I told him that his question would be a great idea for an article. John and Judson nodded their agreement and we bid our farewells, promising to meet again soon for a day of drowning flies. I have been thinking about Judson?s question quite a bit since then.

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     Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo - April 2004

    Fly Fishing News  

    Join host Midwest Fly Fishing magazine, its staff of editors and writers and the best-known fly fishing personalities in the Midwest and beyond for this must-see informational and action-packed three-day event.

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     Guide Reports: Salmon Mania in Michigan

    Fly Fishing News  release writes "By now we have noticed that all the rivers have started or are starting to fill with the big fish. Salmon have been running on some rivers since the fourth of July. Which means that those older fish have started to move up on gravel to spawn with new fish moving in every day. Most rivers have had low and clear water conditions with fall rains and cooler temperatures needed to trigger more fish to move into the system.

    As written in Michigan Outdoor news!"
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     Trout Flies: Michigan Trout - Opening Day and the Mayfly

    Fly Fishing News  flyguy writes "

    Most of us fly-fishing enthusiasts, who can't spend the winter catching fish, catch other aspects of fly-fishing life to tide us over till that splendid day we so fondly know as 'opening day'. We do a lot of tying, spinning out both new and familiar patterns. There's also a good amount of reading available to us - from pattern details to fishing stories straight from the bull, doesn't matter, if it smells like a river, were in it.

    There's also good coffee and banter to be had at the fly shops as we restock on supplies. It's also a good time to go to our fly-fishing club meetings and events, thanks to groups like MFFC, TU, and FFF who get us through our winter withdrawals.

    Many of us spend endless hours tying our favorite patterns or trying our hand at new ones, all the while dreaming of a cherished stretch of river or things like the big one that got away, and how we'll make up for it!

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     Hatch Chart - Michigan Emergence Schedule

    Fly Fishing News  

    ?Michigan Emergence Hatch Chart

    Compiled by John Long
    for the Challenge Chapter - Trout Unlimited

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     Species: Whitefish are Salmonids, Grayling are not

    Fly Fishing News  CoreyModich writes "I do not know too much about whitefish except what I've read in books whitefish have a fin thats right behind its dorsal (I forgot how to spell it) which is on every salmonid. Whitefish tend to like to go into moderate depths in lakes. But they can be caught in the night in places not even 3 feet deep! Most species of whitefish aren't native or are used as baitfish in Michigan."

    Note: Hmm does this mean we should have added whitefish to the Salmonid survey?
    Read More... | 713 bytes more | Species | Score: 3.6

     A Change of Seasons - Fly Rod and Gun

    Fly Fishing News  Jerry Kunnath of Fly Rod & Gun shares his thoughts about the transition from summer to fall and this special time for Michigan outdoorsmen in this nice article.
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